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Download Haringey Safeguarding Children Board's agreed Haringey LSCB Thresholds Guide (PDF, 269KB) to get a better idea of how thresholds should be applied locally.

As well as preventative measures, such as having a range of safeguarding policies, safe practice also involves safer recruitment and consistent procedures for dealing with abuse allegations against staff.

This section is designed to support all areas of professional practice with a detailed resource of relevant documents, including:

  • local and national guidance
  • guidance on specific areas and contexts of child protection work

Safeguarding and Child Protection practice is supported by the legal framework and both statutory and non-statutory guidance.

The London Safeguarding Children Board issues guidance and London-wide child protection procedures to ensure consistency in the practice across the 32 London boroughs.

Haringey Local Safeguarding Children Board issues local guidance that supports professionals working at a local level with the prominent local needs.

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Haringey Multi-agency Guidance on Pre-Birth Assessments

It is vital that babies and their mothers get the services they need as early in pregnancy as possible, to make sure they can have the safest start in life. With this in mind, Partners in the LSCB have worked together to deliver a revised pre-birth procedure. This document was approved for use at the 13 June 2018 LSCB meeting. It is up to all practitioners and their managers to cascade the procedure by raising it in supervision, team meetings and other forums to ensure your agency’s practitioners know and use it as guidance.

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Escalation and Resolution Policy

Managing professional disagreements in work relating to the safety of children:

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