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Trainers' Area

This page is designed to support trainers who deliver single agency basic awareness child protection training within their organisation.

Haringey LSCB supports this practice by offering a Training for Trainers course (find out more on the training page) and continuing trainers' professional development, in particular via the termly Trainers Forums.


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Basic Awareness Training Materials

Some of these resources and materials were developed by the LSCB, while others have been shared by trainers and developed with specific settings and professionals in mind.

The hope is that they will be useful to your training or, alternatively, that they will inspire you to develop your materials so that they are appropriate to support the needs of the professionals you train:

PowerPoint Slides

The LSCB has developed a template PowerPoint presentation for trainers who attend the Training for Trainers course and the termly Trainers Forums.

Please contact the LSCB Training Line on 020 8489 1470 for more information.

Training Activities

Sample Case Studies

Please share your training materials with Haringey LSCB so that we can post them on this page and continue to support all single agency trainers in Haringey and share best practice!

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Resources to Support Training Practice

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LSCB Forms for Trainers

These documents should be completed at the end of each financial year to:

  1. Review the training delivered in the year
    Training Return (Word, 184KB) - for financial year just completed
    Annual Self-Assessment (Word, 510KB) - for financial year just completed
  2. Prepare for future training and renew the Trainer's commitment to training with support of Haringey LSCB:
    Working Agreement (Word, 270KB) - for forthcoming financial year

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Support for Trainers

Developing Training Skills

The Training for Trainers course is only the beginning of your professional development as a trainer. The real learning happens in training delivery, so it is important to practise your skills as often as possible: Stages of Learning (Word, 46KB)

We ask all trainers supported by the LSCB to deliver a minimum of 3 training sessions every year, in order to keep up their skills. If you do not have capacity to deliver these sessions within your setting, the LSCB can coordinate co-training opportunities across settings - which will help you develop your co-training skills as well as an opportunity to train different groups of professionals.

Trainers Forums

We also ask trainers to commit to the termly Trainers Forums where we share best practice and training materials, as well as addressing particular issues, as requested. If you are not on our Trainers' invitation list, please contact us at the LSCB.


An important part of developing your own practice is your self-assessment: Annual Self-Assessment (Word, 510KB).

Haringey has developed the annual self-assessment form for trainers for this very purpose. This process of reflection and analysis of your skills can be supported by co-training as you're more likely to get constructive feedback on identifying weaknesses from another trainer.

The LSCB can then support you in finding ways to develop your practice.

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Report Abuse and Neglect

If you are worried about a child for any reason, contact MASH on 020 8489 4470.

If you are making a referral:

If you are calling between 5pm and 9am weekdays or anytime at the weekend, call the Emergency out-of-hours duty team on 020 8489 0000.

If you or a child is in immediate danger you should always phone 999.