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Haringey publishes Serious Case Review on Child D

Monday 16 March 2015

Statement on Child D

This Serious Case Review is an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the abuse of a young child, “D”, in April 2013. Whilst responsibility for the abuse lies firmly with those who inflicted it upon the child, this report has concluded that there have been many lessons for the agencies which had duties relating to keeping Child D safe.

The Local Safeguarding Children’s Board (LSCB) is a partnership of all the agencies within Haringey who seek to keep children safe. Our collective role is to promote effective joint working, and to hold each other to account. Collectively, we sincerely regret that there were several areas where we could, and should, have done better. With hindsight, there were many episodes during D’s first three months, and earlier during Child D’s mother’s pregnancy, when front-line staff could have acted differently. We cannot say that if they had done so, the abuse would not have happened. But we can say that many of our agencies could – and should – have responded differently.

We found evidence of several areas needing improvement:

  • The quality of assessments of need of a mother, and a young child, by health visitors and social workers
  • The process of planning for a new placement for children in care, taking account of the needs of the whole family
  • The quality of post-natal checks in GP practice
  • The importance of taking careful family histories, and understanding better the long-term impact on families of regular exposure to violence
  • The need to improve the quality of supervision and management of staff who are dealing with challenging cases

We have acted to tackle the issues raised in this report, and we will continue to check that we have implemented all relevant learning. We can never guarantee that all children will be safe in the future. But when there is rigorous review when things have not gone right, and an openness to change, then we can expect that our services will continue to improve. All the agencies within the LSCB are firmly committed to this principle.

If you have any queries please contact Eveleen Riordan, Interim LSCB Business Manager, in the first instance on 020 8489 1472.

Sir Paul Ennals
Independent Chair – Haringey LSCB

Thank you for your feedback.

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