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Safer Recruitment

All organisations that employ adults or volunteers to work with children should adopt a consistent and thorough process of safer recruitment in order to ensure those recruited are suitable.

The purpose of Safer Recruitment is ultimately to:

  • Deter: when advertising a new job, right from the start, the advert must deter potential abusers. It must be obvious that your organisation has a rigorous recruitment process and does not tolerate abuse in any shape or form.
  • Reject: at the interview stage, you need to know exactly what kind of questions and approaches can help you see what a candidate is really like.
  • Prevent: it is inevitable that some potential abusers will still be recruited by organisations serving children and young people. This does not mean it's too late for us to act. Although a safer recruitment process is vital, it's equally important that your organisation has a safe culture.


You can dowload the 'Keeping children safe in education - Statutory guidance for schools and colleges' from the Government website (external link).

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